In prior times, it was said that an image is worth 100 words. Presently with the headway in innovation, it won’t be inappropriate to say that a video is worth 10000 words. Marketing and Advertising was never been this advanced as it is nowadays. All types of businesses small, medium or big quest for new strategies, new solutions and new ideas to promote their products and services.


Why You Should Be Advertising on YouTube?

  • YouTube’s global ad collection was $28 billion USD in 2022

  • 30% of people on the internet said that they watch a minimum of one video live stream weekly

  • The video platform has the potential to target 2.56 billion users

  • It has 15 billion daily video views

  • 81% of internet users use YouTube

  • Almost 700, 000 hours of video content are streamed every minute on YouTube

Types of YouTube Ads

1. TrueView Ads

True view ads give viewers the flexibility to either view or skip the ad, but will never be impelled to se.

  • Instream Skippable Video Ads
    Give advertisers the leniency to create promotional videos of different durations.
  • True View Discovery Ads
    Previously known as in-display ads, it helps brand be discovered on YouTube homepage, search results, etc.

2. Outstream Ads

Outstream ads are only mobile-specific and appear on non-video environment where the video plays while you scroll down the web page.

3. Bumper Ads

These are shortest type of ads that play in the beginning of video and are as short as 6 seconds.

4. Pre-Roll In-Stream (Non-Skippable) Ads

These are non-skippable video ads that are played either in the start, middle or end of the video.

5. Masthead Ads

Masthead ads show up in YouTube Home feed both over the mobile and desktop and play without song for upto 30 seconds.

Factors that determine YouTube ad cost.

There are different audience targeting options available on YouTube ads that can help advertisers reach the most appropriate audience. However, do remember that some audiences are harder to reach than others and this may increase the cost of your YouTube ad. For more precise targeting, you can choose the YouTube channels your ad would appear on. You can even select a few videos that you think your audience prefers to watch. Below are the targeting options available for YouTube advertising.

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Life actions
  • Custom intent


Just like other advertising platforms, YouTube advertising also works on a bidding system. This simply means that the cost of a YouTube ad also depends on how your competitors bid for the same place.

In the case of video ads, you are likely to bid on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) or a cost-per-view basis. You will be charged every time a person engaged with or watch the ad for more than 30 seconds.

Affordability is undoubtedly the best part of YouTube advertising. It is very easy and reasonable for businesses to run their YouTube ads. One can start with as low as $10 daily to run his ad. However, this can always be changed to increase the performance of your YouTube ad.

Generally, you need to keep in mind the following things while defining a daily budget for YouTube advertising.

  • The duration for which like your advertising campaign to run.
  • The amount you spend per day to attain your campaign objectives.
  • Option to choose low-cost YouTube ad categories that can help you maximize your budget and still achieve campaign objectives.

Running a YouTube advertising campaign asks for both effort and time. To ensure the best outcomes, you must choose a person who can put in the best efforts to manage the campaign successfully.

If you decide to run your campaign on YouTube yourself, you would have to define the daily ad budget basis on which your ads would run. For example, if you run ads that are of a 1-minute length and you shell out your money for someone watching half of your ad, you must need to determine the worth of the same to your business. You need to compare the YouTube advertising cost against the benefit you get from the ad.

And, don’t forget the cost of video creation which depends on the length of your video, camera angles taken, length of the script, and others. This might look complex but considering the immense benefits YouTube advertising offers, it is truly worth it.

Ways to optimize Your YouTube advertising campaign

The video platform has billions of users from children to young adults, the elderly, housewives, business people, and so on.  So, there is no point in targeting all as your ad would lose its purpose.

Instead, your ad focus should be on a specific section of the audience that is closely related to your product or service. For example, you need to define the age group, gender, income levels, region, and other factors while setting up your advertising campaign. Doing this would help you increase the effectiveness of your ad.

Everybody has their likes and dislikes. So, make your ad appear to those who are interested in such type of content. This can be defined under the Interests section.

People face significant life changes from time to time, and they start searching for things they were previously uninterested in.

Marriage, for example, can completely alter a person’s priorities and wants. You can only advertise your vacation advisory service to newlywed couples.

Google’s smart algorithm can easily determine when a person is searching for products you deal in and are willing to buy them. This kind of in-market audience can help you find people who may be interested in buying your product.

Video remarketing can be defined as a method of targeting people who are already associated with your business. You can reveal your ads to those who’ve already seen your ads or videos.

This refers to the channels where you want to put your ads. Select a channel that is closely related to your type of product. For example, if you are selling fans or tube lights, choose a channel that highlights such products.

Choose search terms that are connected to a YouTube channel or video that your target audience could engage with. Negative keywords allow you to show the ads only on videos that are relevant to you.

This should be your top priority. Whether it is a small video or a longer one, the video content should be engaging enough to keep the audience stuck to it. So, put your focus on video quality.

For example, choose to create a high-resolution video and not a poor-resolution video. Today, there are many high-end tools and equipment that can help you develop superior quality video ads.

Don’t create a video advertisement just for the sake of creating it. Instead, try to imbibe some value in it that your target audience can take from it. Attach a goal to your YouTube ad and create a video that can easily help you pass on the set message to your audience.

Tips to make the most from Ads.


Set Your Target Audience.


Make Good Quality Ads.


Keep Ads Small But Impressive.


Create Relevant Landing Pages.


Create Relevant Landing Pages.


Regularly Analyze The Progress.